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Kai Eckenbach

Anna & Kate Filatova Are Sisters. They Established Their Business "Annapavlovna" In Singapore In The Early Months Of 2008. They Design And Create Wonderful Bears & Hares. Anna Has Loved Teddy Bears And Animals Since She Was A Young Girl, And Inherited Some Of Her Artistic Ability And Love For Sewing From Her Mother And Grandmother. They Sewed Clothes, Dolls, And Stuffed Animals For The Children In Her Family. Anna Attended Art And Fashion Design School, And Uses Her Skills And Sewing Experience To Design And Create Her Teddy Bears And Animals. She Has Put A Great Deal Into Developing Her Unique Style In A Studio In Her Home. From A Small Cupboard And Table Are All The Tools, Materials, And Books That Keep Her Creating For Hours Without A Break. She Plans Every Piece Methodically Before Creating The Finished Piece. Through Her Mind Runs What Ideas Inspire Her, How They Will Look, Their Colors, Sizes, What Materials She Will Use, Pattern Design, And Finally What Character They Will Take On. There Is Trial And Error And A Finished Piece Can Take Days, Weeks, or Months To Complete. Each Teddy Bear And Animal Is Made With Love, Care, And Above All, Patience. All Are One-Of-A-Kind, And Unique, Created With Natural Materials Mainly Mohair, Alpaca, Suede, And Wool Felts. She Is Also Drawn To Natural Colors Like White, Beige, Brown, And Black. Many Pieces Are Custom Orders, And Anna Is At Her Most Creative Knowing One Of Her Creations Will Bring Love Or Light To A Persons Day. She Loves Packing And Sending Them To Each Customer. She Looks To Signs And Sounds In Nature As Her Primary Source Of Inspiration. She Loves Her Balcony Garden Where She Can Watch Things Grow, And Loves Her Walks Through The Forest. Fall Is Her Favorite Month, Which Offers Breathtaking Colors For The Background Photos Of Her Toys. Her Animals Allow Her To Be Creative Every Day, And She Feels There Is Nothing Better. She Is Pleased And Proud To Offer Her Toys To The World!
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Annapavlovna * Volodya * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Volodya * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Maria * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Maria * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Valentin * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Valentin * OOAK
$ 269.00
Annapavlovna * Konstantin * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Konstantin * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Maksim * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Maksim * OOAK
$ 249.00
Annapavlovna * Olga * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Olga * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Lera * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Lera * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Danya * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Danya * OOAK
$ 299.00
Annapavlovna * Misha * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Misha * OOAK
$ 259.00
Annapavlovna * Innokenty * OOAK
Annapavlovna * Innokenty * OOAK
$ 299.00