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Hildegard Gunzel 2008 Timeless Fellows Teddy Bear Collection
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Girl In Fuschia Dress Edna Dali
Edna Dali Has Been Creating Original Dolls Since 1981 In A Style That Is Unmistakably Her Own. The Dolls Are Made Of Porcelain, Wax-Over-Porcelain, Resin, Fimo, Sculpty And Other Materials. They Are Individually Outfitted, Tailored And Hand Painted By Edna Using Assorted Fashion Accessories And Original Jewelry. They Have Hand-Blown Crystal Glass Or Hand Painted Eyes, And Wear Mohair Or Human Hair Custom-Made Wigs. Fashion, People And Events Of The Past Centuries Have Provided Edna With A Rich Source Of Inspiration. She Dedicates A Majority Of Her Artwork To Memories Of The Fleeting Decades And She Searches For Beautiful Visions From These Periods. It Is Of The Utmost Importance For Her To Create Various Sculpts Of Ladies And Children That Incorporate Treasures From The Past With A Touch Of Nostalgia. Edna's Dolls Are Internationally Acclaimed And Have Been Awarded Numerous Medals. They Are Displayed In Museums, Art Galleries, Dolls Shops And Private Collections All Over The World.
Ciara Bets & Amy van Boxel
20 Years Ago, Bets van Boxel, Along With Her Husband Jos, Decided To Actively Pursue Her Hobby Of Recreating Children Of The World Into Dolls. Bets Has Always Been Fascinated By People And The Stories They Tell, Or Simply By How They Look, Their Emotions, Body Language, And Overall Outward Appearance. She And Jos Travel The World Extensively Spending Most Of Their Time In Places That Provide A Glimpse Into What Traditional Life Is Truly Like For Natives. Today They Have Set A World Class Standard In Doll Making. De Poppenstee, Dutch For Doll House, Is Located In A Traditional Farmhouse In Waspik, Netherlands. Bets, Along With Daughter Amy, Sculpt Each Doll And Custom Create All The Clothing And Accessories, While Jos Constructs The Molds And Pours The Porcelain. The House Is Complete With A Studio, A Doll Shop, And And Gallery Where You Will Find A Permanent Exhibition Of Their Complete Doll Collection.
Ennike Hildegard Gunzel
Becky Pauline Middleton
In The Mid Eighties Pauline Decided To Take A Class In Reproduction Doll Making. As It Turned Out She Loved Creating Porcelain Faces And Within A Short Period Of Time Felt That She Would Try And Sculpt A Face On Her Own. Over The Years She Has Read Numerous Articles On Sculpting, Mold Making, And The Skills Associated With Creating "The Perfect Child." She Is Amazed At How Much Of Her Talent Was Derived From Books. In 1997 She Met Her Husband Bob And They Now Work Together Full Time. Pauline Sculpts, And Bob Makes The Molds And Does The Pouring. They Both Clean The Greenware, And Pauline Does All The Painting. It Is Truly A Team Effort Between Spouses. They Have Recently Moved And Are Semi-Retired, Creating Only A Few Editions Per Year.
Red Riding Hood Hildegard Gunzel
For Her 2011 Collection, Hildegard Focused Her Creative Talent On Dolls With A Theme. From The White Prince, To Little Red Riding Hood, And The Princess With The Frog, Her Outstanding Work Continues To Captivate And Take Us Back To Childhood Memories Held Dear.
The Princess & The Pea Hildegard Gunzel
Florentine & Pouty
Marijke van Ooijen
Marijke Has Been Creating Dolls And Animals Since 1990. Frequently These Characters And Elves Were From Examples From The Books Of Ria Odijk. Later She Developed Her Own Style And Now Gives Lessons. She Teaches In A Studio In Her Home And Also At A Cultural Center. After 7 Years Teaching She Received The Zo' n Grant Which Has Inspired Her Even More To Heighten Her Craft. Since 2003 She Has Exhibited In Ahoy In Rotterdam. Her Pieces Are Crafted From Fimo, The Clothing Is Finished With Vintage Details. She Likes To Create Nostalgia In Her Work, And Strives To Make Them Look Warm And Inviting. Her Romantic, Shabby Style Arouses Curiosity. Marijke's dolls & animals are beautifully Victorian with a special note of whimsy. Her attention to detail whether it be in the hand painting of their eyes and features, or the thought that goes into each detail of their costuming, always brings a smile when a special parcel with her work arrives in the States. It is a great honor to represent her magnificent talent.